West Shore Chamber of Commerce

The Shrimp Tank Podcast – Central PA


Where can a young entrepreneur figure out how to turn their dreams into reality? Just take a step into the Shrimp Tank. The Shrimp Tank brings you interviews with some of the most successful business owners in the Central PA region to learn the do’s and don’ts of starting and running a successful business. We don’t fund any business, but we do teach individuals how to turn their business ideas into a successful business!

Because of our partnership with the Shrimp Tank Podcast – Central PA, West Shore Chamber Members receive additional perks for appearing on the show. Contact the show’s producer or the Chamber office to learn more!  

Our Member Businesses Featured on The Shrimp Tank:

Member Business: The Communication Gym
Podcast Info: Episode 69

Member Business: Monarch Media Solutions
Podcast Info: Episode 66

Member Business: Bob Ruth Ford
Podcast Info: Episode 65

Member Business: Duck Donuts
Podcast Info: Episode 64

Member Business: West Shore Chamber of Commerce
Podcast Info: Episode 60

Member Business: Gunn-Mowery
Podcast Info: Special Edition Episode 23

Member Business: Relax & Ride
Podcast Info: Special Episode 18

Member Business: Roger That Photography
Podcast Info: Special Episode 15

Member Business: Duck Donuts
Podcast Info: Special Episode 14

Member Business: McNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC
Podcast Info: Special Episode 9

Member Business: SEK, CPAs & Advisors
Podcast Info: Special Episode 8

Member Business: Crabtree Rohrbaugh & Associates
Podcast Info: Special Episode 7

Member Business: Bob Ruth Ford
Podcast Info: Special Episode 6

Member Business: Precision Training Concepts
Podcast Info: Special Episode 5

Member Business: LINKBANK
Podcast Info: Special Episode 3

Member Business: Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy
Podcast Info: Episode 35

Member Business: Cordier Auctions & Appraisals
Podcast Info: Episode 33

Member Business: SEK, CPAs & Advisors
Podcast Info: Episode 28

Member Business: Safe Harbour
Podcast Info: Episode 27

Member Business: McNees Wallace & Nurick
Podcast Info: Episode 26

Member Business: Mountz Jewelers
Podcast Info: Episode 24

Member Business: J.P. Lilley & Son, Inc.
Podcast Info: Episode 23

Member Business: Lamar Advertising
Podcast Info: Episode 22

Member Business: SVN | Latus, Laura Martin
Podcast Info: Episode 13

Member Business: LinkBank, President Brent Smith
Podcast Info: Episode 11

Member Business: Information Network Associates, John Sancenito & Barry Ryan
Podcast Info: Episode 9

Member Business: B.R.P. Entertainment, Lisa Stokes
Podcast Info: Episode 7

Our very own President & CEO, George M. Book, Jr., featured on the Shrimp Tank!

Podcast Info: Episode 16