West Shore Chamber of Commerce

businessSPOTLIGHT: Synchrony ChiroCare

What services or products does your business offer?
Here at Synchrony ChiroCare we offer services that include: Spinal and Extremity Adjustments, Pain and Symptoms relief care, Posture Rebuilding care, BStrong4Life training system, as well as custom made foot Orthotics. We are here to help you improve your structure and optimize your function. We start by creating a detailed blueprint of your body, and determining what is working well, and what is not. We use the most advanced, computer-aided equipment to determine how your body compares to what scientific research has determined is normal. Once we have your particular blueprint, we can begin to rebuild your body; you will be stronger, more stable and ultimately healthier.

How does your business separate itself from your competition?
Synchrony ChiroCare utilizes an advanced, scientific and the most highly researched chiropractic technique in the world. Our Doctor is a certified biomechanics specialist, we concentrate not only on alleviating pain through adjustments but also on correcting abnormal spinal postures and spinal structure. Abnormal spinal posture and structure has been shown to place pressure on the bones of the spine, thereby affecting the discs, muscles, and ligaments and causing pain. Our Doctor uses his training in advanced biomechanics to design a specific treatment plan for each of our patients. This specific protocol is designed specifically to correct abnormal posture and to reduce mechanical stress on the bones, muscles, discs and ligaments. Our patients not only feel better but also enjoy the long-term benefits of a healthier, stronger and more stable spine.

How do you see your business growing in the future?
Here at Synchrony we strive to reach every person, not just physically but also mentally. We want you to help yourself find a healthier method of pain management. In return we grow by reaching every person across the counties, states and eventually all over the world. We do not discriminate, it does not matter if your young or older. It does not matter your background we want to reach every person so that we can build our offices all over the globe.

At first, I was prescribed a NSAD, but it did not help me (it did not remove the pain and the relief was very small, only 3-4 hours). Then I was prescribed the injections which did not help and then the surgeon gave me a prescription for Tramadol and I had little hope, but I found it in the online pharmacy www.tractica.com/buy-tramadol/. Finally, the miracle happened on half an hour after reception and I felt really better.

How does your business get involved in the community?
At Synchrony we love giving back to our community. We participate in events all over the counties. These include free spinal screenings at fairs, local socials and even free screenings to employees at many companies. We even go into different business and offer free lunch and learns, we teach you a class and feed you lunch! We also love raising money for charities when we do these events. So next time your employees need a stress free break with free snacks and spinal screenings we are always available! The great feature is we do all our community activities free to the public.

How long has your business been a member of the Chamber?
We have been a part of the chamber for about 7 years now

How has Chamber membership been beneficial to your business?
We are proud to be apart of the chamber for the simple fact of marketing! When the chamber holds its many events, this is our opportunity to network with other business to set up those Lunch and Learns or those free spinal screenings! We also appreciate the events because they allow us to communicate with different partners to team up and reach our community in different ways!

The human frame is an amazing engineering feat from head to toe. It is brilliantly designed to handle the relentless force of gravity that affects all the bones, muscles, and joints of your body. When the human frame is structurally balanced, there is a beautiful harmony between the body’s structure and function. Optimum performance is the result; we call this a state of Synchrony.

What function do you want back? It may be as simple as being able to play with your granddaughter on the floor without back pain or a good night’s sleep. It could be to improve your balance so you can play hockey again. It could be changing the baby’s diaper without burning mid back pain. The possibilities are endless. Start today, you have a life to live, wasting another minute is unacceptable. Let’s work together to get you Synchronized.