West Shore Chamber of Commerce

Is Your Online Membership Information Up To Date?

Has your business information changed recently? Make sure you are updating your information as it changes so that your online listing is always up to date. All you need to do is log in through the member portal of our website and click update information to submit the changes to us. It does take 24-48 hours for those changes to be approved by us so keep that in mind as to why the updates aren’t online immediately.

We are no longer printing a hard copy of the Member Directory here at the Chamber which is why it’s even more important for your online information to be up to date. Members of the Chamber, the community and individuals looking for information on the area will be accessing our website when they are looking for companies that they want to do business with.

You are also able to have more than one listing now at no added cost to you! Are you a restaurant that falls under the Restaurant, Catering and Food Service categories? Create a listing for each one of those with a different description for each on how your services fall into the category. Make sure to use keywords that would help individuals find your business as well within the listing description.

Do you have Social Channels? Make sure that information is listed as well so individuals can find your social pages right from your listing. You can even upload your logo to be shown on the website and brand your listing even more.

Questions? Call the Chamber office at (717) 761-0702. We’re happy to help!