West Shore Chamber of Commerce

5 Ways To Network Without the Nametag at the Chamber

Not the type of person who loves going to networking events? Aren’t a fan of talking with attendees while simultaneously eating those handheld appetizers? Don’t worry, there are still ways you can network without the nametag here at the Chamber! There is a place for everyone here no matter how outgoing you are. We are YOUR Chamber and want you to succeed in any way that you feel comfortable!

1. BusinessNews
Did you know that you can submit your business news to the Chamber each month and we will promote it out for you? It will be included in our Connections Newsletter under the BusinessNews section and also shared out as #MemberBusinessNews on Twitter. All you have to do is send your newsworthy information, such as new hires, promotions, sales, discounts, etc. to businessnews@wschamber.org by the first Friday of the month before you want it published and we will automatically include it. Feel free to contact Krystin Blauch at the Chamber with any questions you may have at krystin@wschamber.org.

2. Member Benefits Session
Every other month we host a meal at the Chamber sponsored by one of our restaurant members and the Chamber staff presents a more in-depth view about how you can get the most out of a Chamber membership. It is open to new members, new employees or even seasoned employees that may need a refresher of what we do here. Even someone who has been there before finds a new takeaway to bring back to the office! Visit the Chamber events calendar and to see the upcoming sessions and contact Tiffany Mahan to get signed up at (717) 761-0702.

3. Ask For Introductions
Go ahead and ask one person you met within the Chamber to introduce you to someone that may be a good contact for you. The easier you can make it for someone to say yes and connect you the better. You can post generally to your social media channels, ask a Facebook group you’re a part of or make individual asks.

If you’re asking for an introduction to a CEO level contact, it’s a better idea to make this request of a trusting friend or contact than posting it to your Facebook page. But if you want introductions to anyone who owns a local catering company, any of the above ways could work. Haven’t met anyone yet? Ask the Chamber staff who they can introduce you to!

4. Join Facebook or Linkedin Groups
Search for groups that have active individuals that you don’t know within categories that interest you. Look at it as a way to grow relationships and then when you are in need of something you can ask the group for referral partnerships, mentorship or advice.

You can also show yourself as an expert in your field within these groups. Join them and be active. When someone asks a question about your industry you can be there with non-sales advice. Then hopefully when they need something from your industry you are the trusted person that they will reach out to! The Chamber has a LinkedIn Group here that you can join and get started with.

5. Join a Smaller Networking Group
As part of your Chamber membership, we have a networking group called ChamberConnects. This group is industry exclusive and created so that you can build relationships with each other and then refer based on those relationships because you know they are a trusted business. If you balk at a larger networking event, this group might be for you! There are less than 20 members as a part of the group currently and the industries are listed on the website here. Contact Tiffany if you are interested in seeing what the group is all about!